About me . . .

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I am an engineer by profession and lives in Toronto, Canada. In my line of work as Technical Sales, I travel often.  I have been to places I have never imagined I will be able to go. However, in all those travels, I never got the opportunity to document my experiences, perhaps because social networks then are still in their infancy. What is the best way to document things but through photos and about  8 years ago my wife bought me my first camera.  since then I got bitten by the bug and never stopped taking pictures. It is when I’m with my camera that I get to let loose my artistic side.

I am an amateur, self-taught landscape, cityscape and street photographer. My camera is my favorite gadget and my handy companion to capture the moments, the faces,  the places, and Mother Nature at her best. For me, traveling and photography is the perfect marriage made in heaven.