A World to discover . . .

      In my travels, and mostly for business,  I never had the time to really appreciate the beauty, the people and the culture of the places I visited. In business trips, I am always “on the go” with very little time to wander around and explore,  and my itinerary would normally include the airport, my client,  the hotel and back to the airport for my next meeting.   Things have changed over the years though as I, together with my wife,  now have more time to travel, and mostly for pleasure.

     We love traveling as you do not just see and appreciate beautiful and different places but you get to personally experience the food, the people, their customs and traditions, their art, language and their heritage, which basically make up their unique culture. The best part of it is I get to practice my 2nd love and passion which is photography.

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            I created this blog so my wife and I could share our experiences, tips, and guides that we’ve learned in our adventures and travels. The blog will include my thoughts and my comments about the places we’ve visited, the restaurants and their specialities that we have tried, the interesting people that we’ve encountered and the accommodations where we’ve stayed.  I am not a professional blogger or a food critic so I hope that you would not raise your expectations too high, but I will do my best to provide you with every bit of information and personal insights about these travels. Our only desire is to share our experiences to people who, likewise love to travel and explore our beautiful planet. I hope that you will find the site helpful and would follow our adventure and travels, or “escapades” as my wife and I would normally joke about it. I aptly tag-lined this “A world to discover . . ” because I’m pretty sure that a lot us have not even explored the nooks and crannies of our own native lands, more so places beyond the horizon. You may read things in books about interesting places and people but to personally experience and immerse yourself in their local environs is something one would cherish for life. I hope that this blog will give you a perspective from an ordinary guy who simply loves to go places.
       In the future, I will include a page where you can purchase some of my photographs that you can simply frame on your walls and some novelty items that you may find interesting.
     Till my next post . . . thank you for visiting my site.
Mike C.